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Estate and trust litigation often involves family members, children from a prior marriage, ex-spouses, and loved ones who challenge their inheritance, or the lack thereof, under a trust, last will, or statutory laws. The division and distribution of estate or trust assets can be contentious and emotional, as it often involves family members of the decedent. Even a truly equal division and distribution in probate or under a trust can breed resentment among beneficiaries.

Necessary Filings In Estate Litigation

The process of probate requires important filings to be made and notices to be provided to the beneficiaries. Irregularities in these disclosures can lead to additional inquiry, and potential action, against the fiduciary as provided for under the law and the trust or last will. These filings include:

  • An inventory and accountings
  • The disclosure of assets
  • A valuation of assets
  • The transfer of assets, if any

There can be significant benefits to resolving trust and estate disputes outside of litigation, especially in matters involving close family members. Unfortunately, sometimes amicable resolutions cannot be achieved when the opposing party stands firm in what they believe to be fair.

Chong Park is an experienced trial lawyer who will advocate for your objectives through the close of the decedent’s estate. He has represented many personal representatives in obtaining an appointment as the personal representative, administering the estate of the decedent, and litigating all claims and defenses on behalf of the estate.

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