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Learn What You Need Before You Petition For A Guardianship Or Conservatorship

Deciding on whether to petition the court to be someone’s guardian or conservator should begin with an assessment of whether the case is expected to be contested. A duly appointed guardian and conservator has the authority to potentially manage every aspect of the incapacitated person’s life (i.e. residence, health care, finances, etc.). In circumstances where the respondent’s assets are substantial, it is not uncommon that relatives, friends, friends, and others may challenge a petition to obtain guardianship/conservatorship over a loved one.

Taking Responsibility For Your Loved One With The Circuit Court

Adult guardianship and conservatorship laws are enacted and updated to protect those who are incapacitated to such an extent that they require someone who can be trusted to make health care and financial decisions and arrangements for the ward, also referred to as the respondent. Upon being appointed by the Circuit Court, guardians and conservators are required under the law to exercise the duties in the best interest of the respondent as prescribed by the law. Guardians and conservators act as the decision makers for a loved one with mental, physical, or other challenges that make it difficult to independently manage their personal, financial and health care issues on their own.

Mr. Park represents both clients seeking uncontested guardianship and conservatorship, and those who are involved in contested disputes over the need and care of their loved one. Mr. Park’s knowledge of guardianship and conservatorship laws is extensive. From time to time, he is called upon by other attorneys and county adult protective services to serve as guardian and conservator for incapacitated persons who have no surviving relatives.

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Schedule a telephone or in-person appointment with Mr. Park to discuss the guardianship and conservatorship laws in Virginia as they relate to your situation. You can call his office at 571-247-3219 or you can send him a message online with a short description of your case. You may also wish to review the Guardianship/ Conservatorship procedures link for general information on the guardianship process including, court filings, procedures, and hearing(s) that are required under the law. Knowledge brings understanding, and understanding reduces fear and anxiety.

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