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Learn About The Law Office of Chong C. Park, Esq., PLLC

Located in Leesburg, the Law Office of Chong C. Park, Esq., PLLC, is a full-service estate and probate law office that serves the people of Washington D.C., Arlington and Alexandria in need of knowledgeable legal representation. After working for over two decades with other estate and elder law firms, Mr. Park opened his own practice and branched out on his own to better focus on serving his clients. He can represent any party involved in estate or trust litigation, including beneficiaries, administrators, executors and trustees.

Since Before Law School, Mr. Park Has Always Dedicated Himself To His Work

From the start of his career, Mr. Park has always been a thorough and diligent hard worker. He put himself through law school and undergraduate without any break in between, all the while working outside of school. He was working first as an office manager and then as a paralegal for a litigation securities firm located in Washington D.C. Prior to pivoting into litigation himself, Mr. Park worked briefly for a trade associations law office, however, he felt that his true passion was for litigation.

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Chong C. Park, Esq.

Mr. Park believes in giving each case the attention that it needs and ensuring that every client is included in their case. He does not treat people like a product or a service, instead, he ensures that they feel cared for as a person. He will not give people the run around, and instead focuses on building strong relationships with his clients grounded on mutual trust and communication.

Providing Insightful Legal Advice Across A Broad Array Of Estate Matters

Over his two decades of litigation and legal advocacy, Mr. Park has developed a deep degree of knowledge of estate and probate related matters. The majority of his practice is focused on providing estate planning and trust drafting services, giving clients peace of mind in an attorney drafted plan for their affairs. Alongside this work, he also assists clients seeking to establish guardianship or conservatorships, both in contested cases as well as uncontested cases. For clients who are in need of help administering an estate in probate or a trust, Mr. Park can be retained to provide legal counsel and guidance, particularly on questions of fiduciary duty. Finally, when disputes have arisen and the parties are preparing for estate or trust litigation, Mr. Park can be called upon to bring his trial experience to bear.

Come And Meet With Mr. Park Today

If you are not sure where to turn to for your estate planning or other related issues, then you can come to the Law Office of Chong C. Park, Esq., PLLC to get the help that you need. You can call Mr. Park’s office at 571-247-3219 or you can send him an email with a short description of your situation.